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Sound Deadening


Sound deadening is a feature that is often overlooked in your car audio purchase. Ensuring the right components for your car audio system investment is crucial to getting it right the first time, and any system is only as strong as its weakest link.

At 360 Audio we understand that as auto manufacturers look for ways to make their vehicles cheaper and lighter, sound deadening is often one of the first items to go. Sound deadening plays a big role in how well your car audio system performs, and we know how to ensure a cost effective solution to ensuring that the entire system will greatly reduce road, wind and engine noise.

At 360 Audio we are proud to work with three of the industry’s top performers: Silent Coat, BAM XXL and Dynamat. We ensure that all areas where unwanted noise creep will diminish your system performance are properly insulated including doors, floor and rear deck and firewalls. Our attention to detail includes ensuring that wires are not just covered, but product is properly installed underneath them for better performance and in case of servicing.

At 360 Audio we have the top technicians and over a decade of experience to ensure you receive the right product at the right price for your investment.