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Marine Audio

Why do you need the marine audio specialists from 360 Marine Audio?

Although car and marine audio are within the same “audio family”, having expertise in the subtle but important differences between the two is crucial. At 360 Fabrication we know how to ensure your investment against marine elements such as water, sun, rain, dew and moisture.

360 Marine Audio is proud to partner with some of the greatest brands in marine audio including Roswell Pro AudioWet SoundsRockford Fosgate and Clarion, all of whom are experts in how to deliver systems that can take the abuse of marine audio while at the same time delivering superior quality sound.

Your car stereo system is not exposed to the sun, moisture and salt that your boat system will be, so having the right system correctly installed to withstand harsh UV rays from the sun, being sprayed by water and the continual pounding of the boat hitting the water are all reasons to come to the experts at 360 Marine Audio.

Your boat is a big investment, ensure that the audio and video gear you install holds its value while offering you the on-water experience you deserve at the right price!

360 Marine Audio carries boat stereo systems, amplifiers and boat speakers that are waterproof, UV resistant, anti-corrosion, water resistant and have shock absorption from the industry’s leading brands.

Marine Video

Much like car video, marine video monitors can be placed on headrests and overhead, pending on the type of boat you have. At 360 Marine we have the ability to install a waterproof system anywhere within your boat from inside the cabin to wall-mounted systems.

At 360 Marine we have the ability to do on-site, on-water installs. Our top gun technicians are skilled at custom-built enclosures to match your interior giving your investment a finished, professional appearance.