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Remote Starters

With the long periods of wintery conditions in much of British Columbia and cold, rainy days common throughout the rest of the province, the idea of starting your car remotely is an appealing one. And when we aren’t dealing with snow or rain, the idea of a pre-cooled vehicle is equally appealing. It used to be only ultra-luxury or heavy-duty trucks that seemed to have a factory-installed remote start option, but today everyone can enjoy the luxury of having their vehicle pre-heated or air-conditioned when they get into it. No more waiting for the heating or cooling system to kick into gear.

Clifford Remote Starter

Thanks to advances in technology the idea of starting your car from inside your home or office is a reality. At 360 Audio we work with the industry-leading brand Clifford to install remote starters in virtually any vehicle, regardless of whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission. In most cases, we can program this into your factory fob so there is no need for extra remotes. Today’s consumers recognize the numerous values in being able to pre-heat or pre-cool their vehicle, defrost their windows, heat up their seats, two-way paging that notifies you of their vehicle engine status, the convenience of locking or unlocking their doors or truck remotely through keyless entry, and protecting your vehicle from theft and vandalism through vehicle security.

How does this technology work? Inside the vehicle is a remote start computer. When the signal is sent from the key fob or smartphone, it activates the system that allows the engine to start along with the heating and cooling system, and additionally locks all the doors to prevent theft; a blinking light or horn signals a visual confirmation that it is working. Once the systems have been activated, the power to control your setting is literally at your fingertips.

Drivers today can leisurely prep their vehicle to their needs, hot or cold, open or locked and so on, long before climbing into the driver’s seat. As technology advances, so does the ease of being able to start your car using a key fob or smartphone. Starting your car from a remote location just got easier. If your car is installed and programmed with a remote start system, you can now download an application for your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android smartphone that will additionally start your car with the ease of pushing a single button.

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