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Vehicle Tracking


A vehicle tracking system is a device that helps car owners in a variety of ways. It can help parents keep track of their teenagers or let a spouse know when their partner has safely reached their destination. More and more these days business owners are turning to tracking systems for their fleets so there can effectively manage their transportation systems and these systems are incredibly useful in urban transportation systems in cities around the world.

Most of today’s tracking system uses GPS technology to locate your vehicle, although there are other kinds of automatic vehicle location technologies that can be used as well. At 360 Audio we know how to install a vehicle tracking system that utilizes GPS and computer software allowing you to know where your vehicle or vehicles are using detailed software technology or by viewing electronic maps via the Internet. Our systems not only pinpoint the location of the vehicle, they track other important information as well such as the driving speeds, opening or closing of doors or the vehicle turning on or off.

Tracking systems generally fall into two categories, “active” or “passive”. In a passive system the device is removed upon the vehicle reaching its predetermined destination and then the data is downloaded to a computer to be evaluated. These systems transfer data automatically using wireless download. While an active system also collects the same type of information, the data is transmitted using satellite or cellular networks to a data centre or computer in real time. Many of the vehicle tracking system in use today combine both passive and active tracking abilities.

Tracking systems are very useful for fleets as they can help in the dispatching and routing of the vehicles. By knowing exactly where a vehicle is a company can also choose to reroute the vehicle to avoid traffic jams or to reroute the driver to an alternate destination. Additionally, fleets with tracking systems designed to monitor driving patterns dramatically extend the life of the vehicles as they reduce driving patterns that create wear and tear on the vehicles.

Tracking systems are also very important anti-theft and retrieval devices, making it easy for police to locate stolen vehicles. Some systems even allow for the vehicle to be controlled remotely, which also aids in the security of the auto.

To learn more about how a vehicle-tracking device might be right for you, call our experienced 360 Audio team.