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You love your car, but do you love its sound system? Is it truly good, or is it just “good enough”? Given your investment in your vehicle, wouldn’t a dynamic, engaging audio system enhance your driving experience?

The average lower mainland resident spends over 450 hours per year in their car, so let the experts at 360 Fabrication make those hours as enjoyable as they can be!

Today’s cars come equipped with pretty good speaker and amplifier units which in most cases include navigation, hands free, satellite radio & iPod control.

The sound is good, but not great because audio is one of the last things consumers consider when buying a car – they notice it once they’re in their new car. Even high-end vehicles often have poor audio quality.

The good news is that often those units can be improved with a few upgrades that won’t jeopardize the functionality of your factory unit and will significantly improve the overall sound in your vehicle.

For those looking to upgrade the audio system in their classic baby, the team at 360 Audio are the experts in making your vehicle sounds like its from the 21st century without cutting or damaging the original dash. Stealth systems that offer the great sound of today without degrading your investment in your 20th century beauty!