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Security Systems

If you’re like most people, securing your vehicle is a concern. Smart consumers often add remote-controlled alarm systems for an added measure of security against vehicle theft. Many alarms also offer convenience features that aren’t offered by factory alarm installations.

A basic security system includes a remote control or a smart phone app which you can use to turn the security system on and off. These systems also include sensors to indicate if a door, the hood or the trunk have been opened while you’ve been away. Additional sensors can detect attempts to break the vehicle’s glass or to move the car. If any of these have been attempted an alarm will sound to call attention to the break-in attempt. Additionally, the vehicle will be rendered inoperable while the siren is sounding. Some systems include two-way communication to alert you to the attempt through the remote control or smartphone app.

In the event that your car is stolen, an alarm system working in conjunction with a GPS tracking system can help police locate and retrieve your car.

It’s important to note that many insurance companies give premium discounts for vehicles with anti-theft systems.

In addition to enhanced security, alarm systems offer several useful convenience features such as remote door and trunk unlocking. A remote starter will allow you to start the car so the air conditioner or heater can cool or heat the interior before you get in. When the car is running remotely the security system is active, so even though the car is running the security system isn’t compromised. These features can be activated using a remote control or smartphone.

British Columbia is one of the world’s largest regions for vintage, classic and collector vehicles. Today’s anti-theft and tracking systems are a great way to protect your beloved classic or specialty vehicle and the expert technicians at 360 Audio have extensive experience installing stealth security that doesn’t involve cutting your dash or otherwise damaging your vehicle.

And even if your vehicle has a factory-installed security system, you may be able to add any of these convenience features. Many new security systems are designed to integrate with factory alarm systems to provide additional sensors for enhanced security and convenience.

Talk to the experts at 360 Audio to find out about upgrading your current security system or installing a state-of-the-art anti-theft device in your vehicle today.